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How Do You Talk To Yourself?

How do you talk to yourself?

Perhaps someone has pointed out that you’ve been pessimistic or maybe even too optomistic.

Short and subtle comments can be key to pinpointing perhaps learned attitudes that do not necessarily apply today, if they ever did.

Is the feedback you give yourself positive, encouraging, supporting and loving?



Angel Medicine

 ANGEL MEDICINE How to Heal the Body and Mind with the Help of the Angels


While researching her book Angel Medicine, Doreen Virtue uncovered methods used in the ancient healing temples of Atlantis. She began taking her audience members through a meditation so that they could experience a vicarious trip to an Atlantean healing temple. The results were so powerful audiences began asking her to record the meditation.

The Angel Medicine CD is a deep-clearing meditation, designed to release stored emotional pain. Working with the archangels, you’ll be able to cut etheric cords to painful relationships, release pastlife traumas and troublesome vows of poverty or suffering, open your chakras with the help of the Atlantean crystal healing bed, and increase your desire to exercise and eat healthfully. Beautiful music by Angel Earth evokes the sounds of angelic healing.

These meditations are discussed in the book Angel Medicine, and it is highly recommended that readers use this CD as an accompaniment to that work.



By Aurelie Mace
Angels Medicine CD is such a great tool! That women is amazing! This meditation opens up points of energy in the body, soul and mind, in a magical but yet certain way. I can not believe this! I feel more alive, got more ideas, more open to great things to happen, to receive, enjoy more, be creative and loving. News ideas are coming to me in my business and personal life and I am excited about delivering on them. Thank you.

Lilou Mace, Founder MpowerU.com


Another outstanding product from Doreen Virtue, supplied by Amazon.com
By Elena M. Caraballo
Doreen Virtue’s work and “Angel Wisdom” is great! However, The CD Angel Medicine is a great tool for meditation and peace of mind. I recommend this for anyone that wants to learn meditation as a start to healing.


A Gift from Doreen Virtue!
By EtherealNatureGirl
I have had this Audio CD for several years now, as well as MANY other CD’s and Books by Doreen Virtue, and I appreciate everything I have by her.
If there was ever anyone who could completely understand the way I think and feel about the Angels, it’s Doreen Virtue. I only want to comment on this one Audio book since this review is for “Angel Medicine”.

Doreen has a very comforting, soothing voice in this CD, that never sounds as though she’s reading a script. When you listen to the Audio CD it’s as though she is sitting in the room with you speaking to you from her heart.Her love for the Angels, and their ability to heal us, comes through with such emotion, there is never any doubt that Doreen does truly communicate with the Angels, and it is a Blessing and a Gift that she shares her wisdom and knowledge with us so that we can all obtain the same level of communication, and relationship with the Angels as well.

We all have the ability to communicate with the Angels, and to have them in our lives every minute of every day,guiding us, protecting us,healing us,giving us advice, comfort and love. All we have to do is Ask, and let them know that we welcome them, and their Divine Gifts, and show love and gratitude for it. We all have the ability to go within and heal ourselves of any physical or emotional dis-eases, and to let go of all negative feelings, emotions and energies,with the help of the Angels. Doreen Virtue has a very insightful, simple, and easy-to-understand way of explaining how we can all do this, and how beneficial it can be to us on every level.

In this Audio Cd “Angel Medicine” Doreen starts by relaxing you so you can enter a state of calm receptiveness, then Guides you, gently, soothingly, and lovingly through a beautiful and moving meditation in which you enter a glorious Temple of Divine healing in which you are surrounded by all of the Archangels who make you feel safe, warm and protected while they each perform their own methods of healing on you, leaving you feeling completely clear and cleansed physically and emotionally of any negative feelings, addictions, unforgiveness, negative ties to people, lower energies, and dis-ease or illness just to name a few.

The background music is perfect, creating a sense of calm and relaxation, and allowing you to reach the place of tranquility that allows you to get the full benefit from this incredible meditation.

A definite Must for anyone who wants to connect to and heal with the Angels. You will listen to it over and over and over!


BUY ANGEL MEDICINE ON AMAZON and read the reviews


Chakra Clearing


CHAKRA CLEARING Awaken your Spiritual Power to Know and Heal

Product Description

When you clear away negative energy residues from fear and worry, your natural spiritual power awakens. This innate power allows you to know the future; freely communicate with God and the angels; and, heal yourself, others, and the planet.


Amazon.com Review 
For readers who seek a straightforward guidebook on learning about the chakra system and how to keep it healthy, this is an excellent resource. Virtue, who is a bestselling author (Messages From Your AngelsHealing With the Angels) and clairvoyant doctor of psychology, identifies the placements and functions of these “energy centers” in the body. She then teaches readers how to keep these chakras clear and clean, leading to greater health and energy.

The chakras themselves are a beautiful progression of shifting colors, starting with the red root chakra at the base of the spine and moving up the body, shade-by-shade, and ending with the royal purple “crown” chakra at the top of the head. Each chakra interacts with a person’s issues and concerns in the world. For instance, the root chakra relates to basic survival, such as money, shelter, and material needs, according to Virtue. If a person feels stable in this arena, the “root chakra looks like a brilliant ruby held under a spotlight,” she explains. However, if people feel fearful about money or become overly obsessed with their career or possessions, this chakra will be come “dirty” and have a muddy, dark red color.

Virtue offers an extensive assortment of original, guided meditations that are effective in cleaning and clearing all the chakras. The information is well organized and clearly presented with a corresponding CD to help readers integrate the meditations into daily life. She also touches upon other cleaning tools, such as what foods and crystals support the chakra system. Advanced energy workers may find this material basic, but beginners should find it an outstanding primer. —Gail Hudson

“”This book and CD will help you understand the functions of the major chakras, and esoteric methods for clearing them of fear. Your natural slate is one of high energy, intuition, and creativity. You don’t need to add anything to yourself to enjoy these characteristics–you already own them within yourself. Just like a sculptor needs to chip away the parts of the statue that aren’t part of the ultimate creation, you only need to clear away fear to reveal your innate qualities.


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