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Change Of Perception Is A Momentary Choice

Have you ever thought about the fact that every day is a chance for a new beginning?

Of course you have, you’ve heard a similar saying before when people have said “tomorrow is another day”,  “the sun will still come up tomorrow” or “you just need a good sleep and when you wake everything will be brand new”.

But do you really believe that?

I guess the proof is in the pudding ie how you show up, you know, your attitude, belief in yourself, optomism, results yada yada

Problem with the above is that the sayings disassociate you, the person, from internal mind change control. Of course we are also playing with linguistics and the mind when we make reference to something we know to be true but this is another topic for conversation… 🙂

Basically, the sayings rely on the use an external reference point which can be used as a blaming tool so to speak.

Whereas the better point of reference is an internal locus of control.

Question to ask yourself “although I react to external influences am I more reliant on myself or other external influences to change my perception?”

You’ll get the drift…

Every week I head to Toowoomba, an hour and 15 mins drive north of Warwick.

Travelling the same road there and back can be quite boring and monotomous so it’s been the perfect opportunity for me to listen to old training recordings.

Relistening to audios, even though you may be experienced in the area, is like watching a movie rerun. Have you not found that every time you watch the same movie again, there is another level of understanding, something you didn’t get the first or second time around?

This type of learning is called layering.

There’s always another level of comprehension to gain. Especially when you consider you’re never ever going to be the same person again.

Never ever are you going to share the same relationship with this person that you did that person.

Think about it!

Changing perception is a choice in every moment.

Today you are not the same person you were 5 years ago or even 10 years ago or yesterday. What about 10 minutes ago?

Nope, you’re a new you every moment.

Sure you can sit and kick yourself for doing something or making a decision to not do something but why do that?

You simply need to embrace that concept and be prepared to redesign your future, redefine you!

Acknowledge that deeper awareness you now have from that experience, and it is just an experience… and VUALA you’re a new you!

I know, you’re probably questioning what I’m saying and that’s a good thing. Don’t ever take what someone says as gospel without checking in with yourself first.

But on this occasion trust me, every experience has the potential to be a catalyst for change.



I know it sounds simple enough but do you actually do it?

What do you do exactly that is fortifying and building on your personal power and increasing your confidence?


Are you listening to audios?

Do you ingest regular words of inspiration, direction and encouragement?

Are you educating yourself with positivity or burdening yourself with the weights of the world?

The other day I listened to Chis Howard, Loral Langemeier, Bob Proctor and Dr John Demartini. All in one day. Some years back I loaded training audios onto my ipod so I was playing the ipod through the car sound system which shuffles the music. It didn’t matter to me that I was listening in no particular order or to one particular person as it was all stuff I already knew.

I’ve worked with all in person bar Bob proctor. There’s a great level of impact when you’ve worked face to face with people because you can tie in anchors from the experience.



So I’m listening to the audios and find myself saying YES!

Isn’t it an awesome feeling when the YES resonates with your whole being? You know those moments that happen when you get goose bumps and your skin tingles. The moment when you feel aligned, excited and invigorated.

There were quite a few nuggets of information that I either needed reminding of or that I simply didn’t get the first time round in trainings. This time round they sank in and really touched my core. They were so apt for me to hear and I knew it because I felt it!

Timely messages with profound meaning cause shifts in our perception.



Love and Blesses


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