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How Do You Talk To Yourself?

How do you talk to yourself?

Perhaps someone has pointed out that you’ve been pessimistic or maybe even too optomistic.

Short and subtle comments can be key to pinpointing perhaps learned attitudes that do not necessarily apply today, if they ever did.

Is the feedback you give yourself positive, encouraging, supporting and loving?



Discovering Your Own Spirituality

What is spirituality, what does Spiritual Change entail and how can my own spiritual discovery be beneficial?

Reid Tracy speaks with some prominent male figures and Hay House authors about spiritual practices.

Watch and listen to these three quick interviews to learn how journeys began, what spiritual means for these three men and how meditation is used to alter time body emotional behaviour and experience.

David Kesler
Dr Joe Dispenza
Panache Desai


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Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Is how you perceive yourself, the same as how others perceive you?

In terms of personal development and self esteem, for the most part giving credence to what others think of us is really of no business of our own and can actually serve to be self defeating.

However, from the perspective of self awareness or self realization a playful curiosity about the world’s perceptions can be beneficial for marketing and indicators for personal growth.

But…at a deeper, more sensitive level what we feel about our looks and what others say can have a far reaching impact not only on ourselves as freely expressing individuals, but our abilities and our achievements, and more importantly, on our level of happiness, confidence and influence as role models.

I discovered this Dove video “Dove Real Beauty Sketches” and must say I was excited to share …

Be sure to WATCH to the end!

All encompassing, humbling and uplifting experiences shared through authenticity and sincerity, art, intuition, feelings, observation, self criticism, perspective and love

Enjoy xox






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